Saturday, 12 April 2008


Yep this is my 60th post, pretty pathetic for how long this blog has been going but still pretty funky!!

I've not really got much to say today. I did the whole IM QUITTING thing over on my flickr YAY I did a trial for the wedding make-up today, came out rather pretty I think. I've just emailed the photos to Big Sis to see what she thinks, hopefully she likes it. If you didnt catch it over on Flickr I reactivated my ABN this week, I am officially a trading make-up artist and I am soooo excited by that!!!

Im starving so Im going to go make a chicken sandwhich and make me a cocktail, hey its 4:30 on a Saturday arvo, you're lucky im not slurring my typing already!!!!

ill leave you with this hilerious email I got from Potato Head this week. I sent him my list and these were his replies... well I found it funny :)


1. Try 10 new fruits/vegetables I’ve never tried before or thought I didn’t like (tropical fruit world down the coast) Emma and I can take you.
2. Buy proper cupcake making things and make fancy cupcakes (yum)
3. Do 50 push ups (boy style) in a row (I am push up king, lets do it together, will be hard)
4. Do 50 sit-ups/crunches in a row (easy)
5. Hike 6 mountains (can repeat if necessary) in 12 months (mount coolum, Mt warner, Mt Barney, Mt Adam he he he he )
6. Eat only raw foods for an entire day (easy, fruit , sashimi, water )
7. Buy a piece of exercise equipment
and use it properly Running shoes

Giving to Others

8. Make a decent donation to a charity (decent compared to your income)
9. Send my mum flowers ( suck up)
10. Donate blood every 3 months for a year (once the anemia clears) (needles yuck)
11. Make a donation to a local charity (Adam holiday fund)
12. Write a letter to both grand mums (on old paper)
13. Spend one day being a “servant” to Boy (Why??)
14. Send a small gift or letters to flickr/blog friends (Ah nice)
15. Buy birthday presents for everybody in both families (make them, it's more from the heart)


16. Post a real blog (not just from Flickr) on ChickenTherapy at least once a week (blah blah blog)
17. Write a short piece of fiction (You do that everyday when you email me)
18. Write a letter to each family member (who can read) (count me out then)
19. Handwrite a blog entry and scan it to the blog ( then people can copy your handwriting and steal you money)


20. Attend a Concert (easy, done)
21. Attend a play (Frankie)
22. Attend a musical (boring)
23. Attend a non-mandatory lecture or seminar (Pole dancing not included)
24. See an exhibit at the art gallery or museum (Andy Warhol was good)
25. Go to a wine tasting (that is a lot of fun)

Travel and Vacation

26. Travel out of Australia (Check)
27. Go camping for more then 1 night (spiders everywhere)
28. Ride a roller coaster (3 times in a row)
29. Visit one of the Islands in the Whitsundays (Hamo)
30. Stay 1 night at the Harbor and have dinner at one of the good restaurants (Whatever)

Trying New Things

32. Wear a skirt/dress every day for a week (Your a boy)
33. Build something (With wood and nails - A bird box)
34. Sew something ( buttons on)
35. Wear fingernail polish for a whole week (Toes and feet)
36. Help Boy out at work for a day (???)
37. Get my boat license (way overdue, got mine when I was 16)
38. Get a new piercing or a small tattoo (no tats, Go the nipple piercing)

Arts, Crafts, and Photography

39. Attend one of those pottery classes/days (boring and too expense to set up for yourself at home)
40. Support a craftsperson—buy something handmade (either in person or online) (hand crafted food)
41. Document a “day in my life” with photos (not the toilet bits)
42. Do a photo essay of some of my most sentimental possessions (not the toilet bits)
43. Find a local photography group/class and go to at least 1 session (strange lonely people go to those you will get stalkers)
44. Learn more about the DSLR (??????? camera talk)

45. Learn a craft (There are some really old crafts, wickery? Karma Sutra? )

Monthly Challenges

46. Work out 3 times a week for 1 month (check, makes you feel good)
47. Walk every day for 1 month Run or walk on your hands)
48. One month without TV (excellent)
49. Record total amount of money spent on food for a month (no way you will stop eating)
50. One month without sweets/desserts (No way, sugarrrrrrrrrrr goooodddd)
51. Photograph my outfits everyday for a month (Boring)
52. Have a dinner containing at least 3 vegetables at least 6 days a week for a month (pooo)


53. Learn a language – even if just basics (Spanish )
54. Go to the Saturday fruit markets (You will need to as it is all you will eat)
55. Buy a piece of Victoria Secrets anything (Nice, get the wings)
56. Subscribe to a photographic or nature magazine (Nat geo)
57. Plant a herb garden (Grasshoppers eat it all)
58. Read at least 1 book per month (puts me to sleep)
59. Rent and boat for a day and take Boy on a cruise (after I get my boat license) (go fishing)
60. Set up Make-up Company and begin trading again ( done nice work)

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Heather said...

Haha I personally like the addition of "Get the wings!"
You're making good progress on your list! I'm proud of you :D