Friday, 6 March 2009

The List 09

Here is the new List for 2009/2010! Let me know what you think... I know I am posting this on the 6th March but I will still be finishing it on the 5th March 2010. Wish me luck!


1. Try 10 new fruits/vegetables I’ve never tried before or thought I didn’t like

2. Take up Yoga
3. Make each of the book marked recipes in my copy of Tatiana’s Table
4. Hike 6 mountains (can repeat if necessary)
5. Start taking Spiralina at least 3 times a week
6. Buy a piece of exercise equipment and use it properly

Giving to Others

7. Make a donation to a large charity
8. Make a donation to a local charity
9. Become a volunteer
10. Buy dog food when doing the weekly shop and give it to the RSPCA
11. Donate blood whenever possible
12. Donate to all charities that I see during the day (at least once per organization)


13. Attend 2 Concerts - Myself Destruction, Sounds of Spring, Britney Spears, Dead Letter Circus
14. Attend 2 plays - Statespeare, The Crucible
15. See an exhibit at the art gallery or museum - Statue of David in Florence
16. Go to 2 wine tasting events

Travel and Vacation

17. Go camping for more then 1 night
18. Take Boy away for the weekend without him knowing we are going anywhere
19. Swim in the ocean

20. Go to a theme park
21. Visit a zoo

Trying New Things

22. Build something
23. Paint a wall a colour other than white
24. Get my scuba diving license
25. Do a TAFE course
26. Do a first aid course

Writing/Arts & Crafts/Reading/Photography

27. Learn another craft
28. Write a letter to Boy once a month
29. Start reading the Harry Potter series from the beginning again
30. Get an external hard drive and back up my photos and music. Including things on disk
31. Watch 30 movies I have never seen entirely before
32. Print out some of my favorite photos, frame them and create a “photo wall”
33. Support a craftsperson – buy something handmade (either online or in person)
34. Make a canvas painting

Monthly Challenges

35. Work out 3 times a week for 1 month
36. Walk every day for 1 month

37. No TV for 1 month
38. No alcohol for 1 month
39. Eat only vegetarian meals for 1 month

40. Record total amount of money spent on food for a
41. Photograph my outfits’ everyday for a month
42. Have a dinner containing at least 3 vegetables at least 6 days a week for 1 month
43. Have no sweets/desserts for 1 month
44. Keep my nails clean and manicured for 1 month
45. Use reusable grocery bags every shopping trip for 1 month
46. Wash my face and brush my teeth every night no matter how tired I am for 1 month
47. Make our bed every day for 1 month
48. Make lunch the night before work every day for 1 month

Budgeting and Organization

49. Save all change left over at the end of each week
50. Keep the budget going and update when needed
51. Organize finances and other important documents into a filing system and update monthly with new papers
52. Set up a cleaning schedule so dust does not overwhelm my house again!


53. Go to the farmers markets
54. Make at least one new friend IRL
55. Document 100 things that make me happy
56. See five sunrises
57. See five sunsets
58. Go one week without calling Boy a name
59. Compile my favorite recipes into a book or
. Go on a picnic
61. Go out for dinner with Boy one night a month
62. Watch all 6 Star Wars in order
63. Watch Buffy and Angel from the beginning
64. Plant a veggie garden
65. Read at least one book per month
66. Subscribe to a photographic or nature magazine
67. Set up an ABN for the crane company
68. Open a bottle of the worlds best, most reasonably priced, champagne to celebrate completing the list!


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